We wish to thank all those who made this publication possible, including first
and foremost the University of Michigan, whose support was vital in a variety
of ways, and Duke University Press, where Valerie Millholland and Miriam
Angress guided our progress with no less patience than wisdom. In the clos-
ing stages, with painstaking thoroughness and tact, Ken Garner coordinated
the manuscript’s final preparation, collating the contributions, chasing down
references, compiling the bibliography, and generally keeping us to sched-
ule. Otherwise, the countless friends and colleagues who helped shape our
thinking are far too numerous to thank each by name; instead, we acknowl-
edge all of the audiences, seminars, and conference groups who responded
to the ideas. Some individuals were especially crucial, however. They include
Young- Sun Hong, Jennifer Jenkins, Dirk Moses, Roberta Pergher, Hartmut
Pogge von Strandmann, George Steinmetz, Dennis Sweeney, Julia Adeney
Thomas, Jürgen Zimmerer, and Andrew Zimmerman. Our final and greatest
gratitude goes to those closest—namely, Gina Morantz- Sanchez and Camelia
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