Dirk Bönker is associate professor of history at Duke University. His research fo-
cuses on the history of militarism, warfare, and empire in modern Germany and the
United States. He is the author of Militarism in a Global Age: Naval Ambitions in Ger-
many and the United States before World War I (2012).
Jeff Bowersox is a lecturer in modern German history at University College Lon-
don. He is the author of Raising Germans in the Age of Empire: Youth and Colonial Cul-
ture, 1871–1914 (2013) as well as articles and essays on German- Polish relations in Upper
Silesia, German colonial culture, and Africans in Germany. He is currently working on
a history of race and commercial culture in Germany between Kaiserreich and Third
David Ciarlo is associate professor of modern European history at the University of
Colorado at Boulder. He received his PhD from the University of Wisconsin–Madison
in 2003 and has taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University
of Cincinnati. His first book, Advertising Empire: Race and Visual Culture in Imperial
Germany (2011), explores the intersection of colonialism and commerce in the chang-
ing imagery of Africans in German visual culture. Essays by Ciarlo are also included in
German Colonialism, Visual Culture and Modern Memory, edited by Volker Langbehn
(2010), and German Colonialism and National Identity, edited by Michael Perraudin
and Jürgen Zimmerer (2010).
Sebastian Conrad is professor of modern history at the Free University of Berlin.
He is the author of German Colonialism: A Short History (2012), Globalisation and the
Nation in Imperial Germany (2010), and The Quest for the Lost Nation: Writing History
in Germany and Japan in the American Century (2010).
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