or their support, patience, occasional perplexity, and over
stoicism in the face of many obsessive years spent on my
seemingly unending “hippie project,” I owe thanks to many people.
As a dissertation at the New School for Social Research, this project
benefited from the oversight of Marshall Berman and Orville Lee,
and the comments of Stuart Ewen, Don Slater, Jo Entwistle, Randal
Doane, Betsy Wissinger, Britta Wheeler, Margarita Palacios, Martin
Plot, Anette Baldauf, Stacy McGoldrick, Jorge Capetillo, Jack Levin-
son, Kim Paice, Jeff Bussolini, Ralph Obermauer, Eric Miles, Elliot
Weininger, Julie Ford, Rachel Sotos, Steve Lang, and Dan Cook. The
Department of Special Collections, Manuscripts Division, Stanford
University, was particularly helpful in allowing me access to the
Whole Earth Catalog Records, 1969–1986. And most of all, Xenia
Von Lilien deserves special thanks for her continued help and sup-
port during this time.
Many of these people again showed their generosity as this
research developed through painful growing stages into a book
project, though many more names were added in these stages as
well. These include my editors and staff at Duke University Press,
Raphael Allen, Reynolds Smith, Justin Faerber, and Sharon Torian,
as well as two anonymous readers who offered encouraging com-
ments on the manuscript at pivotal stages. I am grateful for the
comments of my friend and coconspirator Jo Littler, and for the
wisdom offered by Todd Ayoung, Eva Illouz, Cas Wouters, Ananya
Mukerji, Stephen Miller, Che Hi Choi, Damon Smith, Andrew Haas,
Helen Lambert, Zsuzsanna Várhelyi, and Fuyuki Kurasawa. I am
forever indebted for the many forms of generosity shown to me by
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