In imagining and writing this book I've been given lots of help from
many people. I'd like to name several whose advice and encourage-
ment over the years of my configuring and reconfiguring this project
have proved crucial: Sue Schweik, Paul Strohm, David Hult, David
Roman, David Halperin, Sharon Marcus, Daniel Boyarin, Caren Kap-
lan, and Eric Smoodin. Several others read parts of the manuscript in
various stages and offered welcome comments: Simon Gaunt, Steven
Justice, Colleen Lye, Anne Middleton, Ruth Nisse Shklar, Rita Cope-
land, Ann Cvetkovich, Steven Kruger, and Ralph Hexter. Thanks go
to Ralph Hexter as well for his guidance and hospitality as keeper of
John Boswell's papers. Thanks too to Didier Eribon and to Robert
Gluck for invigorating conversations; to Anne Hudson for her will-
ingness to answer a neophyte's questions; and to reviewers in the
Berkeley English department for vigorous and stimulating remarks.
I have benefited enormously from presenting these materials to
audiences-both receptive and challenging-and would like to
thank many colleagues for gracious invitations: Peter Allen, Christo-
pher Baswell, John Bowers, Gregory Bredbeck, Robert Burlin, James
Cain, Michael Camille, Mary Carruthers, Jane Chance, Theresa Co-
letti, James Dean, Susan Dunn and Keith Baker, Richard Emmerson,
Edward English, Louise Fradenburg, Carla Freccero, Dolores Frese
and Katherine O'Brien O'Keeffe, Susanne Hafner and Maria Bu1l6n-
Fernandez, Jill Havens, Martin Irvine, H. A. Kelly, Clare Lees, Mary
Poovey, David Roman, Francesca Canade Sautman and Steven Kru-
ger, Elizabeth Scala, R. A. Shoaf, Paul Strohm and James Schultz,
Peggy McCracken, Karma Lochrie, and Karen Scott, in addition to
the Medieval/Renaissance Studies Program at Wellesley College and
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