aarthi An offering of fire, usually a camphor flame, to an ancestor, god or
person; the waving of a lamp before another, generally in a clockwise direction.
aata Game, play, sport.
akkatangi Sisters (literally, elder sister younger sister).
ambli Buttermilk fortified with millet flour.
amma Mother.
ammawase The new moon.
avaru The third person neutral pronoun, plural or singular honorific.
basavi A woman dedicated to a deity in Karnataka (literally, a female bull).
bettale seve Naked worship.
bhajan A devotional song.
bhaktaru Devotee.
bhakti Devotion.
bhandara Yellamma’s turmeric.
cakka Paternal uncle.
chela Disciple.
chowdiki A one- stringed instrument typically played only by those dedicated
to Yellamma.
darshan Sight or vision, to see and be seen by the deity.
devaru The god, the goddess, the gods.
dhandewali A woman in business, sex worker.
dhandha Business, occupation, a common euphemism for prostitution.
dhandha maaduvudu A common expression for sex work; literally, to do
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