list of figures and tables
1 Prospective migrant workers practicing medical care 86
2 Prospective migrant workers in the training center 88
3 A renovated house owned by a migrant worker in great
contrast to the neighbor’s old house, East Java 131
4 The husband of an overseas domestic worker taking care of
their child in an East Java village 137
5 Indonesian migrant workers picnicking in a park 168
6 Filipino migrant workers dancing in a disco 170
7 Two Indonesian migrants at Taipei Railway Station on Sunday 175
8 Display of prepaid cards on sale in a migrant shop 179
9 Filipina migrants posing for photos in front of
St. Christopher church 184
10 Filipino migrants hawking food in the alley behind the church 185
11 A Filipino specialty shop 186
12 Gathering of migrant workers at Taipei Railway Station 189
13 Indonesian migrants and the author picnicking on the station floor 190
1 Percentage of migrant domestic workers in Taiwan by nationality,
1998–2003 69
2 Descriptions of migrant workers by nationality by Taiwanese
labor brokers 76
3 Content of training for prospective Indonesian migrant
domestic workers 85
4 Typology of domestic employers’ boundary work 202
5 Typology of domestic workers’ boundary work 222
6 Ages of Taiwanese employers and migrant domestic workers 255
7 Levels of education for Taiwanese employers and
migrant domestic workers 256
8 Occupations of Taiwanese female employers 257
9 Previous occupations of migrant domestic workers 258
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