This is an anomalous section of the book. While this list is an attempt
to codify and transcribe what is essentially a verbal language or com-
munication style, it is nevertheless doomed to failure. As discussed in
chapter 2, swardspeak is always on the move: that is, its lexical and
syntactic rules and items are always shifting and changing. This is not a
comprehensive listing but a partial collection of words in use during
the time of fieldwork. These words were elicited from 1991 to 1998,
and many of the words will be considered obsolete. Many of these
words may not be in use anymore but serve to mark conversations and
other performances temporally. I used the English alphabet in the se-
quential ordering of these words instead of the Tagalog alphabet.
There may be contentious orthographic renderings of specific loan
words that have c or z letters but are not part of the Tagalog alphabet.
In words that are related to English or Spanish words, I have attempted
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