Rob Wilson and Wimal Dissanayake

[C]apitalism is at the crossroads of all kinds of formations. Always by nature neo-
capitalism, it invents, for the worst, its eastern face and its western face, and reshapes
both.-Gilles Deleuze and FelixGuattari,
On theLine
There are tendencies [in global capitalism] going in opposite directions. On the one
hand, there's a tendency toward this international centralization of power. There's also
an opposite tendency. All around the world, there's much more involvement in grass-
roots organizations, there's regionalism [and moves toward developing] more local
autonomy.-Noam Chomsky,
with Jerry Brown
No space disappears in the course of growth and development: the
abolishthe local.-
Lefebvre,Laproductionde l'espace
Postmodern culture-workers, on the verge of becoming the "symbolic engi-
neers" and critical self-consciousness of global capital,' stand at the crossroads
of an altered and more fractal terrain everywhere we gaze at century's end: a
new world-space of cultural production and national representation which is
simultaneously becoming more
around dynamics of cap-
italogic moving across borders) and more
into contesta-
tory enclaves of difference, coalition, and resistance) in everyday texture and
composition. The contributions to this volume, gathered from various sites and
across cultural disciplines, track this contemporary interface of global forces,
images, codes, sites, genres, and technologies of transnationalization with those
more local communities, tactics, and symbolic strategies of cultural location
that confront and challenge them in the production of locality, local subjects,
national situations, and the making of everyday space and public spheres of
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