Jonathan L. Beller received his Ph.D. in cinema and social theory from the Program in
Literature at Duke University in
He has published in a variety of scholarly journals in-
cluding PostmodernCultureand CommunicationResearch.Among his film and video work is
"Interventions in a Field of Dreams with Ariel Dorfman," which he made for Paper Tiger
Television and which has also been published in LearningHistoryin America
Paul A. Bove is Professor of English and Comparative Literature at University of Pittsburgh
and editor of the journal boundary
His most recent publications include In the Wake of
Theory(1991) and MasteringDiscourse:ThePoliticsofIntellectualCulture(1992).
Christopher L. Connery teaches Chinese literature and cultural studies in the Program in
Literature at the University of California at Santa Cruz. He has published essays and reviews
in diverse journals, including boundary
The Journal of Asian Studies, and Postmodern
Culture,and has an essay on Pacific Rim discourse in Asia/PacificasSpaceof CulturalProduc-
Arif Dirlik is presently a fellow at the Center for Studies of Ethnicity and Race in America at
the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is the author of many books on China, anarchism,
globalization, and the Asia-Pacific Region, including
What Isin a Rim?:CriticalPerspectiveson
and After theRevolution:Wakingto GlobalCapitalism(1994).
Wimal Dissanayake is Senior Fellow at the East-West Center and editor of East-WestFilm
Journal. He is the author of several works concerning Asian literature and film, including
Sholay,A Cultural Reading
and editor of the collection of essays, Colonialismand
Nationalism inAsian Cinema
Mike Featherstone teaches sociology and cultural studies at Teeside Polytechnic University in
England, where he edits Theory,Culture& Society.He is the editor of several books, including
GlobalCulture:Nationalism, Globalizationand Modernity
and Cultural Theory and
CulturalChange(1992), and author of ConsumerCulture
Postmodernism(1991) and, most
recently, UndoingCulture(1995).
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