First I want to thank my teachers at the University of Sydney. Laleen
Jayamanne and I shared many sessions of what she calls ‘‘loose talk,’’ an
epithet that belies her example of tight thinking and beautiful writing.
Her interventions (or, more accurately, the contagion of her intensity,
which is all the more powerful for its unobtrusive register) were impor-
tant to me. John Clark has been unfailingly supportive and generous;
Mick Carter always reinjected my thinking with delight; and Yao Sou-
chou provided the critique and ongoing engagement only a good friend
can.Without Julian Pefanis and Terry Smith I don’t think I would have
embarked on this project at all.Gyorgy Markus would probably be hor-
rified, but I must also acknowledge my debt to his legendary course on
German aesthetics.
Another person without whom I would not have started any of
this is Shalini Puri: she and Carlos Cañuelas have been constant, af-
fectionate mentors and compañeros. As with them, merely to thank
Patricia Uberoi would be a travesty: she has been a godmother to this
project, a long-distance guardian yakshi watching over it from Delhi. I
have also benefited greatly from the comments of my thesis examin-
ers, John Frow, Tapati Guha Thakurta, and Michael Taussig, as well as
others who shared their work and ideas or took time to comment on
mine: Can Bilsel, Christiane Brosius, Richard Davis, Whitney Davis,
Laura Diamond, Sandria Freitag, Jacqueline Lichtenstein, Philip Lut-
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