Many people and institutions have helped us during our research and
writing. To name all who have contributed in one way or another
would require a small monograph. We simply wish to say "thank you
for your patience"
all who have been, over the past five years,
subjected to our enthusiastic recounting of details on the latest develop-
ments of the "Noguerol Saga."
The research would not have been possible without the following
grants: the Comite Conjunto Hispano Norteamericano para la Coop-
eraci6n Cultural y Educativa, and we would especially like to thank
Marfa del Carmen Rodas of the committee for her help; and a Mellon
Foundation Grant administered by the University of Bridgeport. Sup-
plementary material on Francisco Noguerol had been collected during
earlier research. The most important support was provided by the
Fulbright Commission in Peru, the Wenner-Gren Foundation for An-
thropological Research, and a National Endowment for the Human-
ities Summer Grant.
The Archivo General de Indias, in Seville, under the direction of
Rosario Parra, is a wonderful place to work, in large part because of the
courtesy and warmth of the staff. We appreciate the efficiency and
speed of the personnel of the Archivo Provincial de Valladolid, given
the limited time at our disposal, and we especially thank director Marfa
Jesus Urquijo Urquijo and her assistant Raquel Garcia Gonzalez.
Above all, we are truly grateful to Maria Consuelo Sendino Gonzalez,
the Head of the Municipal Library of Medina del Campo, where the
town papers were temporarily housed. She and her husband, Jose Luis
Nunez Batic6n, postponed their August vacation
allow us to finish
examining the documents. We also thank the directors and personnel of
the following depositories, whose courtesy and helpfulness made our
research easier and quicker: in Spain, the Archivo General de Simancas,
the Archivo Provincial de Salamanca, the Archivo Diocesano de Val-
ladolid, the Biblioteca Nacional, the Biblioteca del Palacio, and the
Royal Academy of History; in Peru, the Archivo Nacional del Peru, the
Biblioteca Nacional, the Archivo Hist6rico Provincial of Arequipa, and
the Archivo Parroquial of Yanque. We thank also the staff of the Inter-
Library Loan Department of the University of Bridgeport, and the
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