Treasures Upon Earth
Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth,
where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through
and steal.-Matthew
Even the most carefully laid plans can go awry, especially if long
periods of time are involved. Noguerol's scheme began to unravel even
before dona Catalina died. The substitution of don Antonio for don
Diego as the patron of the chapel was not improper, since Diego was
still a minor and an adult would be better suited to assume the duties of
patron following dona Catalina's demise. It was, nonetheless, symp-
tomatic of a problem: there were few direct descendants; Francisco had
none, and don Diego was still too young to be relied on to have a full
commitment to the Nogueral de Ulloa line that he was to head.
Don Diego did possess the
when he reached adulthood,
though only briefly, and he proudly used the high-sounding name don
Diego Nogueral de Ulloa Lisson de Tejada. Shortly after the turn of the
century, in violation of the line of succession designated by Francisco,
the estate passed to don Antonio Noguerol de Ulloa, don Diego's older
Don Antonio was a town
of Medina del Campo and partici-
pated in local politics in the 1620S and early 1630s. In 1630 a census of
the city was taken, and he was charged with the preparation of the
returns for "the river bank and the plazuela de San Miguel, and the
section of the Callejon, with the district of San Andres and the Hospital
of the Bishop." But don Antonio was inconsistent in his attendance at
the meetings of the Ayuntamiento. In 1639 he was absent from Medina
del Campo at a critical juncture in the city's history, and indeed, in the
history of Castile.
The late r630s saw the revolt and independence of the Low Coun-
tries, of Portugal, even a threat of the disintegration of the Spanish
portion of the peninsula, with a movement for the independence of
Catalonia and Navarre. The Spanish king had armies in the field
throughout Europe to stem the imminent collapse of the empire, but
these armies were costly. Philip IV and his energetic first minister, the
Count-Duke of Olivares, tried
block the centrifugal forces. Many
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