A Brief Chronological Table of Major Events
c. 1510
26 Feb. 1526
23 Mar. 1526
26- 27
27 Dec. 1530
16 Nov. 1532
Dec. 1534
,July 1535
18 Apr. 1537
July 1537
6 Apr. 1538
26 July 1541
16 Sept.
20 Nov. 1542
3 Nov. 1543
25 Apr. 1545
18 Jan. 1546
7 June 1546
21 Oct. 1547
9 Apr. 1548
Sept. 1548
5 Oct. 1549
May 1551
13 Nov. 1553
30 July 1554
8 Oct. 1554
6 June 1555
22 Dec. 1556
13 Feb. 1557
9 Aug. 1557
5 Nov. 155 8
21 Jan. 1559
4 June 1576
Sept. 1581
Feb. 1592
The Protagonists and the Indies
birth of Francisco Noguerol de Ulloa
Pizarro's first expedition along Pacific coast
assassination of Mendo Noguerol
execution of Bishop Antonio de Acuna
Pizarro's second expedition
marriage contract with Beatriz de VIllasur
Pizarro leaves Panama on third expedition
Spanish capture Inca Atahualpa at Cajamarca
Francisco writes Beatriz from Panama
Diego de Almagro's Chilean campaign begins
Almagrists return and take Cuzco from Pizarrists
battle of Abancay; Almagrist victory
battle of Las Salinas; victory of Hernando Pizarro
city of Arequipa founded
Francisco Pizarro assassinated in Lima
battle of Chupas; Almagro "the Younger" defeated
"New Laws" to protect Indians from the
Viceroy Nunez Vela, Dr. Tejada, and wife leave Spain
Dr. Tejada dies at sea, returning to Spain
battle of Anaquito; Viceroy Nunez Vela defeated
sisters report death of Beatriz de Villasur
battle of Huarina; royalists defeated
battle of Jaquijahuana; Gasca defeats Pizarro
Francisco receives Los Collaguas
dowry agreement, Catalina de Vergara and Francisco
Francisco ships 65 bars of silver to Spain
Francisco Hernandez Giron uprising in Cuzco
case filed against Noguerol in Valladolid
battle of Pucara;
defeats rebels
court demands return to wife in Spain
Francisco appears before diocesan court in Leon
warrant issued for Francisco's arrest
Francisco jailed in Valladolid
fi rst decision; appeal begins
presentation of apostolic brief in Salamanca
decision of diocesan authorities in Salamanca
Francisco establishes
capellania, mayorazgo
death of Francisco Noguerol de Ulloa
death of Beatriz de Villasur
death of Catalina de Vergara
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