Heather Arnet is the executive director of the Women and Girls Foundation of
Southwest Pennsylvania and writes and directs feminist theatre in New York and
Michael Bibby is a professor of English at Shippensburg University. He is the author
of Hearts and Minds: Bodies, Poetry, and Resistance in theVietnam Era and the editor of TheVietnam
War and Postmodernity. His current research focuses on modernism, the uncanny, and
racial discourses in African American poetry of the mid-twentieth century.
Jessica Burstein is an assistant professor of English at the University of Washing-
ton. She has published articles in Modernism/Modernity, American Literary History, and The
Chronicle of Higher Education.
AngelM.Butts received her ma in Sociology in 2004 from Rutgers University, where
she is currently a teaching assistant. Her dissertation, which will continue her en-
gagement with goth culture, will focus on the concept of subcultural longevity.
Michael du Plessis has taught comparative literature and English at the University of
Colorado at Boulder and French, comparative literature, and English at the Univer-
sity of Southern California. He has published essays and articles on sexuality, gender,
and popular culture.
JasonFriedman lives in San Francisco and edits computer manuals. His short fiction
has appeared in Best American Gay Fiction 1996, Men on Men 6, His, The South Carolina Review,
Asylum, and the Baltimore City Paper. He is the author of two scary books for children:
Haunted Houses, a nonfiction book on the subject, and Phantom Trucker, a novel.
Ken Gelder is a professor of English and cultural studies at the University of Mel-
bourne. His books include Reading the Vampire; Uncanny Australia: Sacredness and Identity in a
Postcolonial Nation, with Jane M. Jacobs; and Popular Fiction: The Logics and Practices of a Literary
Field. He is the editor of The Horror Reader and The Subcultures Reader 2nd ed. He is cur-
rently finishing a book about subcultures and editing a series of colonial Australian
popular fiction anthologies.
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