My thanks go first to the people I knew in Gaza. This book could not have
been written without the many retired civil servants and other Gazans who
welcomed me into their o≈ces, homes, and lives—who let me tape record our
conversations and shared their memories and insights with me. Though my
commitment to honor their privacy means I cannot name them here, I am
forever grateful to them. Of those people I knew in Gaza whom I can name,
special thanks must go to my research assistants, Emad Karam and Mushir
Amer, who with amazing dedication and resourcefulness helped me tran-
scribe the tapes of my interviews and work through some of my documen-
tary materials. I am also grateful for their good humor and the pleasure of
their company. Others in Gaza who helped me with my research include
Dr. Assam Sesalem, Wedad Sourani, Majda Taleb, Ahmed Saleem, Wedad
Nasser, Yusuf El-Hindi, Abdul Latif Abu Hashim, and Rajab Sarraj. I thank
them all for their e√orts, and also thank Wedad for the many excellent meals.
I wish them and everyone in Gaza and in Palestine more generally better
days ahead.
I conducted archival research for this project in a number of places. I am
grateful to the archivists and librarians at Dar al-Watha’iq and Dar al-Kutub
in Cairo; the Israel State Archives and the Jewish National Library in Jeru-
salem; the Library of Congress; the New York Public Library (particularly
the Middle East and Jewish Divisions); the National Archives/pro in Lon-
don; the American Friends Service Committee Archives in Philadelphia;
and the United Nations Archives in New York. Sta√ in the Gaza City o≈ces
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