I’ve accrued many debts writing this book, some of which I
may someday have the opportunity to repay in kind, most of
which are part of complex and ongoing relationships. Some
have been dropped in the fog, and still others left hanging
under circumstances that I wish were otherwise. It’s impos-
sible to conceive of doing research like this without the gen-
erosity and openness of incredibly varied interlocutors who
contribute to the project at different points and at different
Let’s start with money, and get it out of the way. The re-
search for this volume was supported by the Social Sciences
and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the Hemi -
spheric Institute of the Americas at the University of Califor-
nia, Davis, the Organization of American States, the Wenner
Gren Foundation, and the Catherine Newcombe Founda-
tion. I received institutional support from the University of
California, Davis, the Centro de Estudios Rurales Interdis-
ciplinarios in Asunci—n, the University of Toronto, and Dal-
housie University.
Then there’s the legal stuff. Parts of chapter 3 originally
appeared in American Ethnologist (Hetherington 2009) and
parts of chapter 5 were first published in the Journal of Legal
Anthropology (Hetherington 2008). Permission to use sev-
eral of the pictures was generously granted by Editorial “El
Foro” in Asunci—n, òltima Hora, and abc Color newspapers.
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