I thank the following individuals, who either read or discussed parts of the
book with me, for their valuable insights: Richard Iton, Ruth Wilson- Gilmore,
Fred Moten, Saidiya Hartman, Dylan Rodriguez, Katherine McKittrick, An-
drea Smith, Alondra Nelson, Dwight McBride, Hortense Spillers, Jodi Kim,
John Keene, Nicola Lauré Al- Samarai, Joseph Chaves, Ulla Haselstein, Ewa
Ziarek, Annette Schlichter, Anna Parkinson, Samuel Weber, and the anony-
mous readers at Duke University Press. Many thanks also to the participants
in the uchri research group Between Life and Death: Necropolitics in the
Era of Late Capitalism, as well as the audiences at Reading Race Today at
Brown University, Critical Ethnic Studies Conference at uc Riverside, the
Program in American Studies and Ethnicity at usc, the John F. Kennedy In-
stitute for American Studies at the Free University Berlin, the English De-
partment at University of Wisconsin Madison, the annual meetings of the
American Studies and Modern Language Association, the Comparative Lit-
erature Department at uc Irvine, and the faculty colloquium in the English
Department at Northwestern for allowing me to test out the ideas of the
book and for their valuable feedback. Of course, I am extremely thankful
for Sylvia Wynter’s and Hortense Spillers’s brilliance in charting the paths
of future inquiry, of what needs to be done, for us.
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