Many people have been generous with their advice and insights
during the all too many years that this book has been in the
making. While all errors of interpretation are, of course, my own, I
benefited greatly from conversations with Solange Alberro, Linda Ar-
nold, Ruth Behar, Fernando Cervantes, John Chance, Michael Ducey,
David Marley, Colin Palmer, William B. Taylor, and Richard Warren.
In addition, personnel at the Mexican National Archives, especially
Roberto Beristáin and the sta√ of Gallery 4, were unfailingly helpful
and kind, as were those who read portions of the manuscript over the
years, including Lisa Botshon, Andrew Bush, Nahum Chandler, Jen-
nifer Co√man, Rebecca Fielding, Audrey Fisch, Kathleen Hall, David
Koester, Claudio Lomnitz, Howard Lubert, Diane Mines, Guillermo
de la Peña, Patricia Spyer, Richard Thompson, and Brad Weiss. I am
most grateful to Jonathan Amith and Peter Guardino for commenting
extensively on early drafts, and to the anonymous reviewers for Duke
University Press, one of whom in particular should be commended for
his/her extraordinary patience and sensitivity. Finally, Duke’s editor-
in-chief, Ken Wissoker, was a friend when this project was first envi-
sioned, and he has remained a steady source of support throughout the
review and editorial process.
This book is based on my dissertation (Lewis 1993), which was
supervised by Raymond T. Smith, Jean Comaro√, Paul Friedrich, and
Friedrich Katz. These scholars made me especially aware of a number of
issues. In particular, Jean Comaro√ inspired me to ‘‘go with the contra-
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