Note on Sources
Archival materials are drawn from a number of record sets held
in the Archivo General de la Nación (agn, Mexican National
Archives) in Mexico City. The most significant of these sets are In-
quisición (cited as Inq), Indios (Indios), Criminal (Criminal), Civil
(Civil), and Bienes Nacionales (bn). Inquisición holds proceedings of
the Holy O≈ce of the Inquisition, which functioned to suppress heresy
in Mexico throughout the colonial period. Indios contains texts relat-
ing to Indian matters that were heard before the viceroy and the Gen-
eral Indian Court. Criminal holds texts pertaining to penal matters
heard and decided by the audiencia (royal high court), while Civil
contains texts relating to what were deemed civil disputes, also heard
by the audiencia. Bienes Nacionales consists of ecclesiastical records.
Additional information from the agn was drawn from the following
record sets: Ordenanzas (Ord), Historia (Historia), Reales Cédulas
Duplicadas (rcd), Reales Cédulas Originales (rco), General de
Parte (gp), Mercedes (Mercedes), and Tierras (Tierras). Ordenanzas
covers various o≈cial regulations concerning social conduct. Reales
Cédulas Duplicadas and Originales hold royal orders directed to colo-
nial authorities. General de Parte contains requests, complaints, and
demands presented in writing to the viceroy or to the audiencia relating
to viceregal decisions and orders. Historia is a series of manuscripts
originally collected by the viceroy’s o≈ce in the late eighteenth century
in order to prepare a general history of the Indies. Mercedes is the
registry for viceregal dispatches, mostly regarding royal land grants.
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