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The Ceremonial Order in Tupinambá Anthropophagic Ritual
extracted from the Warhaftige Historia
1. I nduction
beaten by women and children
decorated with feathers / shaved
bound, danced with wearing the feather headdress arasoya
2 . I nvigil ation
given a woman, whose progeny might also be sacrificed
fed and treated well
other preparations made—pots, paint, tassels for club, the cord mussurana
3. I ngestion
a. Ritual Production
invitations to other villages
painting of head of sacrifical club Iwera Pemme [Ibira-pema] with Macaguá bird egg-
shell, inscriptions, and tassels added to the handle
painting of captive in same manner as club, “remaking” him as the enemy
women drink and dance with him, just as in the dance with the arasoya
special hut where he is secluded overnight as they sing to him and the club
mussuruna moved from neck to waist and he is held
women now threaten him
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