This is a selected bibliography of sources consulted and used. For a fuller bibli-
ography, see the chapter notes. All Tubman students and scholars should refer
to the detailed bibliography of archival, manuscript, and printed sources com-
piled by Jean Humez and included in Harriet Tubman: The Life and the Life Stories
(Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2003), 409–41. Humez has published
many of the most important primary sources in part 3, “Stories and Sayings,” and
part 4, “Documents.” Though Kate Clifford Larson’s book Bound for the Promised
Land: Harriet Tubman, Portrait of an American Hero (New York: Ballatine Books,
2004) does not have a formal bibliography, Tubman researchers will be richly re-
warded by carefully reading her extensive documentation in the notes. Although
my research investigations began several years prior to the publication of the
Larson and Humez books, I am indebted to both authors for directing my atten-
tion to some of the more elusive primary sources used in this volume.
The amount of Tubman-related material on the Internet can be overwhelm-
ing, as a search using Google demonstrates. Much of what is posted on the Inter-
net is useful only for understanding the extent of the mythology that has grown
up around Tubman. Historically accurate information is now beginning to filter
on to the Internet as a result of the publication of the Larson and Humez books.
James A. McGowan, publisher of the Harriet Tubman Journal in the 1990s, has
designed the best and most reliable website for Tubman enthusiasts and schol-
ars. It can be found at The National Park
Service’s Harriet Tubman Special Resource Study site, at http://www.harriet, is also useful.
Archives and Manuscript Collections
The first and most important is the Earl Conrad–Harriet Tubman Collection,
1939–41, 1946, at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York
Public Library, New York City. This collection consists of seven boxes (three
linear feet). It is also available on two reels of microfilm. This valuable archive
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