This volume presents seventeen of Morris’s essays written over the last fifteen
years and arranged chronologically. The following works are included:
“Indiana Street” (1993), an autobiographical essay, is previously unpub-
“Writing with Davidson: Some Afterthoughts after Doing Blind Time IV:
Drawing with Davidson” originally appeared in Critical Inquiry 19 (Summer
1993): 617–27.
“The Art of Donald Davidson” (1995), an essay about this major American
philosopher of the twentieth century, originally appeared in The Philosophy
of Donald Davidson, ed. Lewis Edwin Hahn, Library of Living Philosophers,
volume 27 (Chicago: Open Court Press, 1999), 128–35.
“Steam” (1995), an essay on his site-specific installation of the same name
at Western Washington University (Bellingham, Washington), is previously
“Professional Rules” originally appeared in Critical Inquiry 23 (Winter 1997):
“Thinking Back about Him” (1998) is an essay written after the death of
Richard (Dick) Bellamy, the art dealer who ran the Green Gallery, where
Morris had his first one-man exhibition in 1963 in New York. It is previously
“Cézanne’s Mountains” originally appeared in Critical Inquiry 24 (Spring
1998): 814–29.
“Size Matters” originally appeared in Critical Inquiry 26 (Spring 2000): 474–
“Threading the Labyrinth” originally appeared in October 96 (Spring 2001):
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