without the encouragement and always loving support of my partner,
Barbara Byers, this book would not exist. For many years she experienced
my need to write it, convinced me the time was right, and backed me up in
more ways than I can say.
In Cuba, I want to give special thanks to Roberto Fernández Retamar
and Silvia Gil, who understood the importance of the project before I even
knew I had the courage to begin; to Chiki Salsamendi, who worked tirelessly
to get me the photographs that make the book so much richer; and to Ana
Cecilia Ruiz Lim, who held my hand throughout my fieldwork in Havana.
Marcia Leseica, who was with Haydée at Casa’s inception in 1959, made her-
self available to me for a fruitful interview in 2014. At Casa de las Américas I
am also personally grateful to Yolanda Alomá, Idelisa Escalona, Juan Calzada,
Jorge Fornet, Myriam Radlow, Alicia Varela, and Jorge Vivas for aiding me
in different ways.
I consulted many documents by and about Haydée at the Casa de las
Américas archive and was given generous access to them all. Casa’s library
was also extremely helpful. The Office of Historic Affairs at the Cuban Coun-
cil of State was forthcoming with its valuable holdings. And the newspaper
Granma’s document center kindly allowed me to use the photograph of Hay-
dée’s funeral procession.
With regard to the photographs, many come from Casa’s archive. In most
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