recommended listening
The following list is not meant to be a complete discography of healing songs,
but instead o√ers a few suggestions for readers interested in listening to some
recordings related to this book. As such, I have focused on music that has been
made available in compact disc format and that can be found (for the most
part) without resorting to archives and dealers in rare recordings.
Anthologie de la Musique du Niger (Ocora C 5590560), recorded by Tolia Niki-
prowetzky. These 1963 recordings include the performance of a healing song
designed to exorcise a possessing spirit, as well as a magical song that en-
hances the power of special amulets to protect their wearers from wounds.
Baloutchistan: Musiques d’Extase et de Guerison (Ocora C 580017/18), recorded
by Jean During. These two compact discs feature healing music from the
Baluchi people of western Pakistan and southeastern Iran.
Bangladesh: Les Garo de la Forêt de Madhupur (Ocora C 580054), recorded by
Ricardo Canzio. This recording includes music from a healing ritual to
exorcise aΔicting spirits.
Bio-Energetic Psychotropic Music (Relaxation Company CD3060 and CD3061),
developed by Boris Mourashkin. The sounds on these two compact discs
were created by a Siberian composer with the aim to stimulate the immune
system through ‘‘vibro-acoustic therapy.’’
Brazil: Enauené-Naué and Nhambiquara from Mato Grosso (VDE-Gallo CD
875), recorded by Luis Fernandez. This release includes several Nhambi-
quara healing songs recorded in the early 1980s.
Deep Peace (Celestial Harmonies 14007-2), composed and performed by Frank
Perry. Perry, who first gained notice as a jazz drummer in the 1970s, has done
extensive research into the history and healing properties of Tibetan singing
bowls. This double compact disc features his sonically rich work with bells,
bowls, and cymbals gathered from Tibet, China, Japan, Burma, and other
Dream Songs and Healing Sounds in the Rainforests of Malaysia (Smithsonian
Folkways SF CD 40417), recorded by Marina Roseman. This recording of the
music of the Teimar focuses on the dream songs and trance music used in
healing ceremonies.
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