This volume is the result of a group project that began in 2002 and has been
generously supported by the Academia Sinica of Taipei, Taiwan. Angela Ki
Che Leung, then a research fellow at the Sun Yat-sen Institute for Social Sci-
ences and Philosophy, was the project organizer, while Sean Hsiang-lin Lei,
Shang-Jen Li, Yi-ping Lin, Liu Shiyung, Ruth Rogaski, Wen-shan Yang, and
Chia-Ling Wu served as core members. The group held two conferences on
the concepts and practices of health and hygiene in modern Chinese soci-
eties at the Academia Sinica of Taipei, Taiwan, in 2003 and 2004 with the
participation of other scholars, including Chia-feng Chang, Mei-hsia Chen,
Charlotte Furth, Mark Harrison, Iijima Wataru, Pui-tak Lee, Li Yushang,
Yen-fen Tseng, and Yu Xinzhong. Warwick Anderson came to Taiwan and
gave a talk to the group shortly after the 2004 conference. For the sake of
coherence, eleven papers (including the one contributed by Marta Hanson,
which was not part of the conference agenda) were selected to be published
as a volume.
The contributors to this volume have benefited greatly from the com-
ments of the two anonymous readers of the manuscript, and those of the
discussants at the two conferences: Che-chia Chang, Chih-Jou Chen, Chung-
lin Ch’iu, Ping-yi Chu, Fan Yen-chiou [Fan Yanqiu], Fu Daiwei, Jen-der Lee,
T’sui-jung Liu, Robert T.-H. Lü, Sung-chiao Shen, John Shepherd, Jen-to
Yao, and Arthur Wolf.
The publication of this volume has received generous financial support
from the Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences (formerly the
Sun Yat-sen Institute for Social Sciences and Philosophy) of the Academia
Sinica. The center continues to host the research group on the history of
health and hygiene.
Between 2002 and 2006, Pearl Huang took care of all administrative mat-
ters connected with the research project and the preparation of the volume.
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