We are grateful for the funding provided by the School of Philosophical
and Historical Inquiry and the School of Social and Po liti cal Sciences at
the University of Sydney. We warmly thank Sophie Jankélévitch, Joanne
Lefebvre, Anne Eakin Moss, Melanie White, and Frédéric Worms for
their invaluable assistance, the anonymous reviewers for Duke Univer-
sity Press for their helpful comments, and especially our editor, Courtney
Berger, for her support, hard work, and good cheer.
In the pro cess of editing and translating the book, we have been greatly
helped by the staff of a large number of libraries, including, in Paris, the
vari ous branches of the Bibliothèque nationale de France, the Biblio-
thèque Sainte Geneviève, the libraries of the Sorbonne and the American
University of Paris, the American Library in Paris, and the Bibliothèque
publique d’information; in the United States, the Library of Congress, the
New York Public Library, and the Sheridan Libraries of the Johns Hopkins
University; in Berlin, the University and Philological Libraries at the Free
University and the Staatsbibliothek; and the University of Sydney Library.
This pro ject has brought us together many years after our gradu ate
studies in the Humanities Center at The Johns Hopkins University. We
dedicate this volume to our teachers there, Paola Marrati and Hent de
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