248 Supplementary Pieces
12 May 19241
Dear Sir,
I thank you for giving me occasion to reread the incisive study you
were so kind as to dedicate to me.2 I have already told you all the good I
think of it: I am happy to tell you again. Unless I’m very much mistaken,
this first one announces works that will be an im por tant contribution to
philosophical thought.
With kind regards to you,
27 May 1929
Dear Sir,
I must tell you with what interest and what plea sure I read your new
article, “Bergson’s Philosophy and Biology.”
You do my writings much
honor, and you render them a real ser vice by showing how they have been
able to anticipate certain results of positive science. Truth be told, phi-
losophy and science have met here because they both deci ded to discard
preconceived notions and place themselves once more in the presence
of facts.
As I just wrote to Xavier Léon,4 who sent me the proofs, I admire how
you are always at ease and always feel at home in the great variety of sub-
jects treated. You have managed quite a feat in summarizing a book that
is itself already a condensation and in bringing out what is essential in a
way that will singularly facilitate the reading of the book.
With kind regards to you,
6 August 19305
Dear Sir,
You have done me the honor of dedicating a work to the whole of my
writings. I have read it closely, and I want you to know the interest I took
in reading it and the delight it has given me. Not only is your account
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