We are indebted to several people who have generously offered us their
time. suggestions. and encouragement in the fascinating but some-
times frustrating endeavor to translate Pirandello. After we had started
on the project, we learned from Daniela Bini that Eric Bentley was
interested in finding a translator for
Suo marito.
He was more than
generous to us with his time. encouragement. enthusiasm. and help.
He read the entire manuscript carefully. raising important questions.
pointing out stylistic problems, and offering suggestions. Indeed. with-
out Eric Bentley's work, the present translation would be a very differ-
ent product.
Others have left their mark on this translation by helping us to un-
derstand a sometimes obscure Italian term and thus to find its English
equivalent. We are grateful to Alberto Malfitano. Domenico Frezza,
Donatella Spinelli. and Ronald Witt for their help in this area.
Florence. Gloria Anzilotti was always willing to help work out puzzling
passages. We also thank Alexander DeGrand, who suggested impor-
tant changes in the Afterword. Our editor.
Reynolds Smith, made
incisive and useful remarks on both the translation and the Afterword.
Our copyeditor, Estelle Silbermann, read the manuscript with great
care and precision. making several suggestions and changes.
Martha Witt Santalucia not only read the entire translation. improv-
ing it with several acute observations: she brought us together in the
first place. We would like
dedicate our translation to her.
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