We would like to thank the participants in the original conference that
launched this project: Sylvia Chant, Mary Goldsmith Connelly, Deborah
Levenson-Estrada, Susana Novick, Ruth Pearson, Carmen Ramos Escan-
dón, Judith March Sánchez, Jean Stubbs, Ingrid Vargas Guell, Sarah Brad-
shaw, Carolee Benglesdorf, María del Carmen Feijoó and the contributors
to this volume. In our title, we also acknowledge the pioneering work of
Sheila Rowbotham, whose book Hidden from History was such an inspiration
to feminist historians. We discussed this project with many colleagues at the
Institute of Latin American Studies (ilas), University of London and the
University of Portsmouth, who were generous with their time and exper-
tise. In particular, we appreciate the research assistance of Anne Worden,
Latin American librarian, and Paul Wright, computer technician, Elizabeth
Cli√ord, and Rebecca Platt, all at the University of Portsmouth; Tony Bell,
Anna Hayes, Alan Biggens and others at ilas for help with the conference
and the manuscript. We thank Pam Decho for translating a chapter; Tim Gir-
ven for indexing; Annie Barva, copyeditor; Patricia Mickelberry, managing
editor; and Cherie Westmoreland, designer—all at Duke University Press.
We appreciate the comments on our chapters we received from Nikki
Craske, James Dunkerley, María Carmen Feijoó, Robbie Gray, Elizabeth Jelín,
Asunción Lavrin, Silvia Arrom, Muriel Nazzari, Carmen Ramos, Susan
Besse, Elizabeth Kuznesof and the anonymous reviewers. Elizabeth Dore
acknowledges ongoing support from the History Research Centre and the
School of Languages and Area Studies of the University of Portsmouth, as
well as research grants from the Fulbright Commission, the British Academy,
the American Philosophical Society, and the American Council of Learned
Societies. Maxine Molyneux thanks ilas for supporting research on Cuba.
We are grateful to Valerie Millholland, whose experience and professionalism
proved invaluable in guiding this project through its di√erent phases. Finally,
Fred and John helped in the many ways they always have done, and more.
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