elizabeth dore is Reader in Latin American History at the University of Ports-
mouth (UK). She has written extensively in the fields of modern history, gender
studies, and social theory, focusing on the processes of capitalist transitions. She is
author of a monograph on the Peruvian mining industry and of a forthcoming
book on rural Nicaragua, and serves on the editorial boards of nacla’s Report on the
Americas and Latin American Perspectives. She worked for a number of years on the
sta√ of several development agencies that specialized in gender issues and currently
acts as consultant to ngos active in Latin America. She is editor of Gender Politics in
Latin America: Debates in Theory and Practice (1997) and author of The Peruvian Mining
Industry: Growth, Stagnation, and Crisis (1988) and the Myth of Modernity: Rural Nica-
ragua, 1840–1979 (forthcoming).
maxine molyneux is at the Institute of Latin American Studies, University of
London, where she teaches and writes in the fields of gender theory, political sociol-
ogy, and development studies. As a comparative sociologist with a critical interest
in socialist states, she is the author of monographs on the Ethiopian Revolution and
on South Yemen, as well as of articles on Cuba, Nicaragua, Eastern Europe, and the
USSR. She was a cofounder of Feminist Review and acts as a consultant to several UN
agencies and other ngos. Since joining the Institute of Latin American Studies in
1994, her research has focused on issues of citizenship rights and rights-based ap-
proaches to development in Latin America. She is coauthor of The Ethiopian Revolu-
tion (1981), author of State Policies and the Position of Women in the People’s Democratic
Republic of Yemen, 1967–77 (1982), and coeditor of Gender and Justice in Latin America
(forthcoming). Her next book, Women’s Movements in International Perspective: Essays
on Latin America and Beyond, will be published by ilas/Macmillan.
maría eugenia chaves is a researcher at the Ibero-American Institute of the
University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
rebecca earle is Lecturer in History at the University of Warwick and author of
Spain and the Independence of Colombia (2000), and Epistolary Selves: Letters and Letter-
Writers, 1600–1945 (1999).
jo fisher is the author of Mothers of the Disappeared (1989) and Out of the Shadows:
Women, Resistance, and Politics in South America (1993).
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