This book grew out of a conference held in New York on
which was sponsored jointly by the Schweitzer Program in the Hu-
manities, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, the Office of the
Dean for the Humanities, and the Association of Lesbian and Gay Faculty,
Administrators, and Staff at New York University. For their organizing
efforts, we are grateful to Jessica Chalmers, research assistant to Sylvia
Molloy, and Jose Reyes, administrative assistant in the Department of
Spanish and Portuguese. We would also like to thank Ines Azar and Jorge
Salessi, who participated in the conference but whose work is not included
in this volume, and Carla Giaudrone, for her good-natured assistance with
the final steps of the editing process. Finally, we are grateful to students
and colleagues whose enthusiastic response to the conference and lively
participation in it confirmed our belief in the importance and timeliness
of our venture.
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