the course of several years. The Histories of the Future project was conceived
and organized by Susan Harding as a research workshop at the Univer-
sityof California Humanities Research Institute in Irvine in 1997. Over the
joined by new participants and generated new areas of research. In 1998
we held a follow-up conference at the Universityof California, Santa Cruz,
with the support of uchri and the Center for Cultural Studies at ucsc.
We also received generous support from the Oregon Humanities Center to
prepare the manuscript. Finally,we are grateful to uchri, the Institute for
Humanities Research, the Social Sciences Division, and the Department
of Anthropology at ucsc, and the Robert D. Clark Honors College at the
In addition to all the authors in the volume, we would also like to ac-
Malkki, Hayden White, Michael Taussig, Karen Ho, Paulla Ebron, Emily
Martin, Patricia O’Brien, James Clifford, Donna Haraway, Ken Wissoker,
Mary Murrell, Richard Randolph, Sina Najafi, Brian Conley, David Serlin,
Jeffrey Kastner, Frances Richard, and two anonymous reviewers for Duke
University Press. We received wonderful technical support from Debra
Massey, Deanna Nunez, Chris Aschan, Katy Eliot, Theresa Champ, and
Jon Kersey. Special thanks to Jeremy Campbell for the index, and to Brian
McMullen and Tal Schori of Cabinet magazine for the graphic design for
the original Timeline of Timelines. All original art for ‘‘Global Futures:
The Game’’ is by Elizabeth Pollman. All uncredited images are by Daniel
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