. Front cover of The Editor. 13
. Bust of J. G. Strijdom in Strijdom Square, Pretoria. 13
. Penny Siopis, poster for ‘‘Myths, Monuments, Museums’’ conference. 21
. Zapiro, Boerassic Park. 21
. Maquette for projected statue of President Mandela’s fist. 24
. Zapiro, Urban Handscape. 24
. Crowd in Voortrekker costume at the inauguration of the Voortrekker
Monument, December 1949. 27
. Bird’s-eye view of the inauguration of the Voortrekker Monument. 27
. Voortrekker Monument prior to the 1994 elections. 29
. Detail of the marbled interior and a section of the frieze inside the Voortrekker
Monument. 29
. Tokyo Sexwale in front of a panel from the frieze at the Voortrekker
Monument. 36
. Tokyo Sexwale opening the gates to the Voortrekker Monument. 36
. ‘‘Dina—Loslyf ’s Indigenous Flower of the Month.’’ 41
. ‘‘Dina’’ with the statue of Andries Hendrik Potgieter in the background. 41
. Boer mother and children, Voortrekker Monument. 42
. Taalmonument. 44
. Voortrekker Monument souvenirs. 52
. Display case at the entrance to ‘‘Esiqithini: The Robben Island Exhibition.’’ 61
. Display case from ‘‘Esiqithini: The Robben Island Exhibition.’’ 61
. Participants at the golf day on Robben Island piled into Nelson Mandela’s
old cell. 65
. Sawubona cover with model on Robben Island. 67
. Drinks dispenser at Robben Island shop reproducing a section of Ahmed
Kathrada’s famous speech. 76
. Memorial cairn at the infamous lime quarry on Robben Island. 78
. Gateway at the entrance to Robben Island. 78
. Table Mountain from Robben Island. 78
. ‘‘Political Trials’’ display at Robben Island. 80
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