introduction: making history memorable
Interview with Max du Preez, Johannesburg, August 1999.
For an introduction to the histories of alternative media in South Africa
under apartheid, see Tomaselli and Louw, eds., The Alternative Press in South
Africa, and Tomaselli, Tomaselli, and Muller, eds., Narrating the Crisis.
Max du Preez, ‘‘I Am an African . . . an Afrikaner,’’ Star, 17 June 1999.
Cited in Makoba, ed., African Renaissance, ix.
Makoba, ed., African Renaissance, is one of the most useful sources for
coming to terms with the official definition of the concept.
Max du Preez, ‘‘I Am an African . . . an Afrikaner’’ Star, 17 June 1999; Tho-
beka Mda, ‘‘Can Whites Truly Be Called Africans?’’ Star, 24 June 1999; Star,
6 July 1999; Max du Preez, ‘‘Sisters, You’ve Got It So Wrong,’’ Star, 8 July
1999; Lizeka Mda, ‘‘Max, Mind Your Own Baas Business,’’ Star, 12 July 1999;
John Matshikiza, ‘‘Trouble among the Natives,’’ Weekly Mail and Guardian,
16–22 July 1999; Star, 15 July 1999; Thobeka Mda, ‘‘Whites Have the Right
to Decide,’’ Star, 20 July 1999; Max du Preez, ‘‘All It Needs Is a Word in Your
Ear,’’ Star, 22 July 1999. The debate is taken up again specifically in relation
to the African Renaissance in a series of interviews with key exponents of
the concept in Nuttall and Michael, ‘‘African Renaissance.’’
Lizeka Mda, ‘‘Max, Mind Your Own Baas Business,’’ Star, 12 July 1999.
On the new South African constitution, see South Africa, The Constitution
of the Republic of South Africa; Chaskalson et al., eds., Constitutional Law of
South Africa; du Plessis and Corder, Understanding South Africa’s Transitional
Bill of Rights; and Roux, Constitutional Review. For the definition of ‘‘citizen’’
under apartheid, see Sharp, ‘‘Ethnic Group and Nation,’’ and West, ‘‘Con-
fusing Categories.’’
For a useful article complicating the concept of ‘‘community’’ during apart-
heid, see Thornton and Ramphele, ‘‘The Quest for Community.’’
Nuttall and Coetzee, eds., Negotiating the Past. On liberal and radical tra-
ditions within South African historiography, see Brown et al., eds., History
from South Africa; La Hausse, ‘‘Oral History and South African Historians’’;
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