Selected Discography
With James Brown
Say It Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud (King, 1969)
Sex Machine (King, 1970)
Hot Pants (Polydor, 1971)
Revolution of the Mind (Polydor, 1971)
There It Is (Polydor, 1972)
Get on the Good Foot (Polydor, 1972)
Black Caesar (Polydor, 1973)
Slaughter’s Big Rip-Off (Polydor, 1973)
Payback (Polydor, 1974)
Hell (Polydor, 1974)
Reality (Polydor, 1975)
Also with James Brown on these generally excellent compilations
and later issues (many with new material)
Doing it to Death 1970–1973 (Polydor, 1984)
In the Jungle Groove (Polydor, 1986)
Motherlode (Polydor, 1988)
Messing with the Blues (Polydor, 1991)
Star Time (Polydor, 1991)
Love Power Peace: Live at the Olympia, Paris, 1971 (Polydor, 1992)
Soul Pride: The Instrumentals (1960–69) (Polydor, 1993)
Foundations of Funk: A Brand New Bag, 1964–1969 (Polydor, 1996)
Funk Power 1970: A Brand New Thang (Polydor, 1996)
Make It Funky—The Big Payback: 1971–1975 (Polydor, 1996)
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