A C knowledge M ents
I start by thanking my family: Justina and Bob Cassavell, Jocelyn and Kyle
Sell, and my parents, Michael and Jeanne Doyle. This book is the culmi-
nation of a process begun in a conversation with my parents about David
Wojnarowicz’s work.
A large group of friends and colleagues supported me while writing this
book: José Muñoz, Ming Yuen S. Ma, Molly McGarry, Heather Lukes, Karen
Tongson, Kathleen McHugh, Margherita Sprio, Mandy Merck, George
Haggerty, Adrià Julià, Jim Tobias, Michelle Raheja, Traise Yamamoto, John
Cairns, Dominic Johnson, Vaginal Davis, Amelia Jones, Theasa Tuohy, Vic-
toria Shannon, Margherita Long, and Torsten Leder. I am lucky to enjoy the
support and companionship of so many wonderful people.
The English Department at the University of California, Riverside, is a
terrific home for interdisciplinary scholarship. We do more than work to-
gether: we advocate for each other. Today we do so as a way to remember our
colleagues Greg Bredbeck, Emory Elliott, and Lindon Barrett, while fighting
off the wolves of an oligarchy that would strip public education for parts and
abandon those we serve.
I am especially grateful to all of the artists who have lent their support to
this project: Ron Athey, Franko B, Nao Bustamante, Adrian Howells, James
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