Since this project has taken far too many years,
am particularly
grateful to all those who have been so encouraging over this long
haul. In particular, Alfred Jessel, whose support, encouragement, and
care enable me to enjoy and perform my work; Sukhminder Grewal
and Paula Kavathas, who believed that I could be an academic; Kirin
and Sonal, who give pleasure and enjoyment and so much love and
keep me centered; friend and coauthor for so many projects, Caren
Kaplan, whose help, understanding, and enthusiasm is never-failing;
Cynthia and Walter Jessel, supportive and wonderful; Maninder and
Harkiran and their families; Tejinder and Gurmit, whose hospitality
enabled early research for this book; the Santa Cruz and Berkeley
groups for the critical study of Colonial Discourse and Jim Clifford's
seminars for early inspiration for this project; friends and fellow
coalition workers in the Bay Area Asian American feminist commu-
nity who make living in the United States possible: Deanna Jang,
Jayne Lee, Leti Volpp, Beckie Masaki, Mimi Kim, Jacquiline Agtuca,
Nina Kabir, Manuela Albuquerque, Lalita Prasad, Viji Sundaram,
Chic Dabby; Amarpal Dhaliwal and Jasbir Puar, two special allies;
Ken Wissoker, who has been unfailingly supportive and encouraging
at Duke University Press; all the wonderful, special readers for this
project who gave me so much encouragement; those who read vari-
ous parts and versions of this book: Ella Shohat, Tani Barlow,
Chinosole, Parama Roy, Lisa Bloom, Jenny Sharpe, Mary Layoun,
Uma Chakravarty, Houston Baker Jr., Masao Miyoshi, D. A. Miller,
Paul Rabinow, and Eric Smoodin; research assistants, Arti Kohli and
Randall Williams; a community of scholars whose inspiration is so
important: Norma Alarcon, Denise Albanese, Janaki Bakhle, Aditya
Behl, Akhil Gupta, Devon Hodges, Abdul Jan Mohammed, Lydia Liu,
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