This work has been made possible only by many kindnesses and
much help from people both within and outside of the academic pro-
fession. In dealing with a secret organization such as the Ku Klux
Klan, where internal records and correspondence are generally un-
available, the working press of America. has proven to be an impres-
sive instrument of knowledge. The New York Times, with its expert
coverage and its priceless index, is the essential starting point for the
study of the twentieth-century Klan. The files of the Journalism Li-
brary and the Pulitzer prize collection at Columbia University are
helpful, and the clipping books of the American Civil Liberties Un-
ion are of great value. I benefited from the use of the clipping files
of the Tampa Tribune and the Los Angeles Times, and I want to
particularly thank Alfred Friendly and Jack Burness for access to and
aid with the files of the Washington Post and Times-Herald. It would
have been difficult to do without the Newspaper Room of the Library
of Congress and the Inter-Library Loan microfilm exchange.
The Gutzon Borglum Collection of the Library of Congress, the
Stetson Kennedy Papers in the Schomburg Collection of the New
York Public Library, the ACLU archives, the Department of Justice
files in the National Archives, and the records of the Non-Sectarian
Anti-Nazi League and the Florida branch of the Anti-Defamation
League were invaluable. I am appreciative of the courtesy, aid, and
collections of the New York Public Library, the Library of Con-
gress, and the University of Florida Libraries, where Mr. Ray Jones
and Mrs. Margaret Duer have been extremely helpful.
I am particularly indebted for aid given me by Bernard Bellush,
Manning Dauer, Anthony Di Biase, Frank N. Elliott, Justin Finger,
Sherman Harris, Harold Hyman, Melville Kahn, Robert W. Kenny,
Joseph A. McGowan, Herbert F. Margulies, Robert S. Morris, Na-
than Perlmutter, Frank A. Quinn, Samuel Proctor, Wilson Record,
Irwin Schulman, James Sheldon, Arthur Spiegel, Eckard V. Toy, Jr.,
James W. Vanden Zanden, Richard Vowles, Charles Walden, Fuller
Warren, Hy Weinberg, Donald Williams, and Michael Wolfson. Rem-
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