The researching and writing of this book have bene-
fited greatly from a fellowship from the American
Association of University Women Educational Founda-
tion American Postdoctoral Fellowship for the 2004–5
academic year. The project was further advanced by a
sabbatical from Gettysburg College in 2005–6. I am
especially grateful to the former Provost of the college,
Daniel DeNicola, for encouraging me to apply for the
aauw fellowship and for making it possible to take
two years o√ from teaching. I am also grateful to Get-
tysburg College for its supplemental financial support
while I was an aauw fellow as well as for its ongoing
support of my research at Cerro Palenque. Some of the
publication costs have been funded by a Mellon grant
to Gettysburg College.
This book draws in part on the results of my own
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