This is the number found through excavation, but it is pos-
sible that more burials existed since the entire area was not
One of the most famous examples comes from the Olmec
site of La Venta in the state of Tabasco, Mexico, where
excavators found a carefully arranged deposit of human
figurines and celts made from jade and other types of
stone. Their excavations also revealed that the deposit was
deliberately buried and covered by a floor. Much later, a
hole was dug through the overlying deposits and through
the floor and the fill below it to expose just the top of the
cache. Then the hole was filled in again (Drucker, Heizer,
and Squier 1959:152–61).
Elizabeth Boone (1994b:18–19) describes the writing sys-
tems of the Aztec and Mixtec as semasiographic, in which
‘‘meaning is carried by pictorial and conventionalized im-
ages, by their relative placement, and by the contexts in
which they participate. . . . The Aztec and Mixtec writing
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