I am deeply grateful to the many individuals who gave
of their time and energy in interviews, e- mails, and at
the events and conferences I attended as part of re-
search. In bringing together so many groups, my hope
is that this book accurately reflects the processes by
which climate change has come to matter in such var-
ied contexts and that it creates new intersections for
future conversations.
My enduring thanks goes to Mike Fischer and
Joe Dumit who provided such amazing mentorship
throughout my graduate work at Massachusetts Insti-
tute of Technology. The early introduction they both
provided to social theory, anthropology, sts, and gen-
erative academic conversations offered much needed
ballast in my journey from journalism to scholarship.
My thanks also goes to Sheila Jasanoff for her gener-
ous and close reading of dissertation drafts and ongo-
ing conversations that continue to orient my think-
ing around sts, science, policy, and publics. Christine
Walley also read and encouraged my writing process,
providing support on my dissertation committee.
I am greatly appreciative to Ken Wissoker and Eliza-
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