A Decade of Climate Change
Since the release of the 3rd Assessment Reports from the In-
tergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (ipcc) in 2001,
there have been many efforts to engage the American pub-
lic. This is not a comprehensive timeline but an overview of
events and changes relevant to this book.
2001 The IPCC, an international organization of thousands
of climate scientists, representing 130 countries, and
formed by the World Meteorological Organization and
United Nations Environment Programme, releases its
3rd Assessment Reports.
Sheila Watt-Cloutier begins four-year term as chair of
the Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC).
Following the founding of their Energy and Climate
Change program a year earlier, Ceres, a corporate social
responsibility group based in Boston, meets to discuss
how to link risk to climate change.
Gallup begins polling Americans about whether news
coverage of climate change is exaggerated, correct, or
underreported. By 2010, those who see news coverage
as exaggerated will reach a high of 48 percent.
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