aC knowl edgMentS
’ve certainly taken my own sweet time with this
book. Many colleagues and friends participated
me in this temporally extended enterprise. I
delivered numerous talks that helped me define my
project, beginning with a lecture in 2000 to the New
Chaucer Society and continuing for more than a de-
cade; I warmly thank my colleagues, whose invita-
tions proved so useful—and so pleasurable, to boot.
To the varied, inquisitive, generous, and especially to
the disgruntled audiences of these talks, I give par-
ticular thanks. Pivotal to my thinking were lectures
at the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign
(thanks to Lisa Lampert- Weissig); King’s College,
London (Robert Mills, Simon Gaunt); Cambridge
University (Christopher Cannon); University of
Pennsylvania (Jessica Rosenfeld, Robert Perelman);
University of Manchester (David Alderson, Anke
Bernau, David Matthews); University of Colorado
at Boulder (Elizabeth Robertson, William Kuskin);
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