For giving me the intellectual freedom to undertake an unusual project and
the instrumental support to see it through, I am indebted to my disserta-
tion committee members in the Department of Sociology at the University
of California at Berkeley: Troy Duster, Neil Fligstein, and Michael Omi.
For invaluable commentary before, between, and after faculty o≈ce hours,
I relied on my writing group—Kamau Birago, Robert Bulman, Rebecca
Chiyoko King-O’Riain, and Pamela Perry—in addition to many other grad-
uate student and junior faculty colleagues in sociology and ethnic studies, at
Berkeley and beyond. Ann Swidler, Kim Voss, Samuel Lucas, and Michael
Burawoy contributed much needed advice on research design and theoreti-
cal framings, and I also benefited extensively from responses to my presenta-
tions for the American Sociological Association, the Association for Asian
American Studies, and the Stanford Center for Organizational Research.
Pursuing this research would have been much more di≈cult without Disser-
tation Improvement Grant #9711757 from the National Science Foundation,
a Humanities Graduate Research Grant from Berkeley, and a Dissertation-
Year Fellowship from the University of California. Beyond the ivory tower, I
owe immense debts to Sandra Liu, Norbert Hendrikse, and the yangs,
especially Raymond Lin, for helping me keep academia in perspective.
During the years of its maturation into a more widely accessible manu-
script, I have benefited from the advice and encouragement of many others.
My senior colleagues in the Department of Sociology at the University of Ore-
gon had the foresight to foster a mutually supportive community of junior
faculty and to invest us with the time and space to pursue research. For
keeping me sane during my transition from graduate student to assistant pro-
fessor, I am indebted to Mia Tuan, Jocelyn Hollander, and the ‘‘new faculty’’
happy-hour group. I also extend my thanks and appreciation to my research
assistants, Hava Gordon, for assembling the scholarly literature on the Ford
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