Oral History Sources
I refer to archival collections, mostly in chapters 3 and 4, by the following notation:
History 1974: Bay Area Foundation History, Regional Oral History O≈ce, Bancroft
Library. The San Francisco Foundation funded an oral history of Bay Area founda-
tions on the eve of its first director’s (John May) resignation from the Foundation. The
collection includes bound transcripts of interviews conducted by Gabrielle Morris, a
sta√ member of the Regional Oral History O≈ce, with individuals a≈liated with
foundations and other nonprofits in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Families 1982–1985: Cleveland Families Oral History Project, Western Reserve Histori-
cal Society. The collection includes transcripts of interviews conducted by Jeannette
Tuve, a history professor at Cleveland State University, with individuals from long-
established Cleveland families, including those with past a≈liations with the Cleve-
land Foundation.
Also useful for fact checking, though not directly employed, was a third collection:
The Maurice Klain Research Papers (1956–1965): Cleveland Area Leadership Studies,
Western Historical Society. During the 1950s and 1960s, Klain, a political science
professor at Western Reserve University (now Case Western Reserve University) inter-
viewed dozens of Cleveland leaders on the city’s formal and informal power structure.
The collection includes the transcripts, none of which may be linked to specific sub-
jects while they remain alive.
Published Sources
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