The editors would like to thank the American Historical Association,
the Conference on Latin American History, the New England His-
torical Association, and the Latin American Studies Association for
providing the opportunity and context for meeting and discussing, both
formally and informally, the works that appear here. Our appreciation
goes also to the Hispanic American Historical Review for permission to
reprint Jeffrey Gould's essay in this volume. A version of it also appears
in his Duke University Press book To Die in This Way (1998). We would
also like to thank Bates College, College of the Holy Cross (Mass.),
Salem State College (Mass.), and the New School for Social Research
for funding to attend conferences and for technical support for every
aspect of this project.
For ingenious creativity and endless patience in tracking down ref-
erences, we wish to express thanks to Bates reference librarian Laura
Juraska. And for those last few references that could not be found in
any way except by somebody physically present in Harvard's Widener
Library, we thank Mara Thomas. Our appreciation goes also to Pat
Chalifoux for secretarial assistance at Holy Cross and to Sylvia Hawks
at Bates.
We also would like to give special thanks to the authors and to the
editors at Duke for helping us follow through and complete this project.
We dedicate this book to the peoples of Central America and the
Caribbean, whose struggles are only beginning to bear fruit.
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