Th ere are far too many people to thank individually, so I will have to rest
content that you each know how profoundly grateful I am for our con-
versations over the years. From the University of Chicago Department of
Anthropology, Ray Fogelson, Judy Farquhar, and Michael Silverstein have
been fi rst- rate interlocutors, providing immea sur able support, stimulation,
guidance, brilliance, and humor all along the way. Jean Comaroff , Marshall
Sahlins, Sharon Stephens, Marilyn Ivy, Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, George
Stocking, Jim Fernandez, Elizabeth Povinelli, Tanya Luhrmann, Jonathan
Lear, Sarah Gehlert, and Irene Elkin have all taught me so much. Anne
Ch’ien has been a steady, silent presence throughout my writing pro cess;
thank you, Anne, for your per sis tent and searching questions about psycho-
analysis in Chicago. My colleagues from the International Psychoanalytical
Studies Or ga ni za tion, particularly Robin Deutsch, Francesco Castellet y
Ballara, and Glen Gabbard, have been superb in helping widen my per-
spective on psychoanalysis. I am grateful to Douglas Kirsner for sharing
his Chicago oral histories with me and to Paul Mosher for sharing his ex-
tensive knowledge of the American Psychoanalytic Association. My dear
friends Catherine Brennan, Lori Daane, Andy Harlem, Caitrin Lynch,
Th eresa Mah, Jane McCormack, Julia Pryce, Erika Schmidt, Laurel Spin-
del, Mary Weismantel, and Sharif Youssef have intervened in any number
of creative emergencies, buoying me up with their acuity and enthusiasm
to the very end. For the most exhilarating “book- level” conversations of
all I must of course thank my editor extraordinaire, Laura Helper- Ferris;
our collaboration has been utterly instrumental and intensely fun. Th ank
you, Ken Wissoker, both for introducing me to Laura and for your abid-
ing confi dence in this project. Finally, I am deeply beholden to my family,
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