A big collective project produces correspondingly large frustrations and plea-
sures. Striving, as we have, to produce a real dialogue between Latin Ameri-
can studies and U.S. American studies has entailed navigating among diverse
interests, many of them fervent and well developed, others tentative and an-
ticipatory. The administrative challenge (and periodic drudgery) to produce a
coherent work, however, has been eased greatly by the construction of a com-
munity of interlocutors, of authors, readers, commentators, and reviewers. It
may not be that this community can easily be captured by a category—of those
who work on, or are committed to, ‘‘Americas’’ inquiry—but the names we
mention here should at least trace some of the productive intellectual currents
we swam as we put together this book.
First, the shape of this book emerged from a set of conversations enabled
by the work of our coedited special issue of the Radical History Review, ‘‘Our
Americas: Political and Cultural Imaginings.’’ We would like to thank the con-
tributors to that volume: Néstor García Canclini, Martin Hopenhayn, Rossana
Reguillo, Arturo Arias, Ian Lekus, John D. Blanco, Aimee Carrillo Rowe, María
Josefina Saldaña-Portillo, Aisha Khan, Paul Giles, Salah D. Hassan, Patricio del
Real, Carlos E. Bojorquez Urzaiz, Enrique C. Ochoa, Ian Christopher Fletcher,
Diana Paton, John Beck, Gemma Robinson, and Kate Masur. Other scholars
who supported that project with encouragement, readings, and reviews deep-
ened our thoughts about the Americas, and we are grateful to them; they in-
clude Lauren Derby, Julio Moreno, Karen Flint, Teresa Meade, Pete Sigal, Lisa
Brock, Doug Haynes, Van Gosse, Jim O’Brien, Sharmila Sen, Karen Sotiropou-
los, Vicente Diaz, Duane Corpis, Susan Gosse, Iona Man-Cheong, Yvonne La-
salle, Gary Okihiro, Claudia Milian, Raul Fernández, and Paul Bové. Martin
Woessner, Ernest Ialongo, and Chia Yin Hsu, at the Radical History Review
office at the time, ensured that the journal was published. The editorial col-
lective of the Radical History Review has supported every stage of this project
(vague idea, journal theme, book project) with both hard work and political-
intellectual inspiration. BarbaraWeinstein and Daniel Walkowitz, editors of the
Radical Perspectives book series, encouraged us to expand on what appeared
in ‘‘Our Americas.’’ We also thank the Council of Editors of Learned Journals;
their award of ‘‘Best Special Issue of 2004’’ gave this book (and us) a necessary
shot in the arm.
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