otto boele teaches in the Slavic Department at the University of Gro-
ningen, the Netherlands. He is the author of The North in Russian Romantic
Literature. After spending a year as a visiting scholar at the University of Cali-
fornia at Berkeley, he was awarded a fellowship by the Royal Dutch Academy
of Sciences and Arts. Currently he is working on a book titled ‘‘The Myth of
‘Saninism’ in Russian Culture: Literature, Rumor, Sex (1907–1917).’’
julie a. buckler is Associate Professor of Slavic Languages and Litera-
tures at Harvard University. She is the author of The Literary Lorgnette: At-
tending Opera in Imperial Russia. She is currently working on a book about St.
Petersburg and the diverse types of writing that ‘‘mapped’’ the city during the
eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
julie a. cassiday is Assistant Professor of Russian at Williams College.
Her research focuses on the theater and theatricality in Russian culture in the
nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. She has published a monograph de-
voted to early soviet show trials, The Enemy on Trial: Early Soviet Courts on
Stage and Screen, and is currently researching the Russian professional theater
of the pre-Pushkin era.
susan costanzo is Associate Professor of History at Western Washington
University. She is currently writing a book on amateur theater in the post-Stalin
era, to be titled ‘‘Performing in the Wings: Amateur Theater and Alternative
Culture in Post-Stalin Russia.’’
helena goscilo is ucis Professor of Slavic Studies at the University of
Pittsburgh. She has authored and edited more than a dozen books, includ-
ing Balancing Acts; Skirted Issues: The Discreteness and Indiscretions of Russian
Women’s Prose; Fruits of Her Plume; Lives in Transit: Recent Russian Women’s
Writing; Russia, Women, Culture (with Beth Holmgren); Dehexing Sex: Russian
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