Gopal Balakrishnan is an associate professor in the History of Consciousness Depart-
ment, University of California, Santa Cruz, and the author of The Enemy: An Intel-
lectual Portrait of Carl Schmitt and Antagonistics: Capital and Power in an Age of
War. He is on the editorial board of the New Left Review.
Tani Barlow teaches in the History Department at Rice University where she also di-
rects the Chao Center for Asian Studies, a research-oriented institute for advanced
study. The center also offers an undergraduate major in globalized Asian studies.
Barlow is completing a monograph focused on advertising art and social science
in the Chinese twentieth-century interwar years.
Neil Brenner is a professor of sociology and metropolitan studies at New York Uni-
versity and is the author of New State Spaces: Urban Governance and the Rescal-
ing of Statehood (2004). His research and teaching focus on critical urban theory,
sociospatial theory, comparative geopolitical economy, and urban and regional
Richard E. Lee is a professor of sociology and the director of the Fernand Braudel
Center at Binghamton University. He teaches the theory and methodology of
historical social science; his research agenda focuses on the long-term intellectual
and disciplinary structures of knowledge formation in writings that range across
the sciences, social sciences, and humanities.
Franco Moretti teaches literature at Stanford and writes often for New Left Review.
His recent books include Signs Taken for Wonders: Essays in the Sociology of Literary
Forms (1997), Atlas of the European Novel 1800–1900 (1998), and Graphs, Maps, Trees:
Abstract Models for a Literary History (2005).
David Palumbo-Liu is a professor of comparative literature, and, by courtesy, Eng lish,
at Stanford University. He is editor of the electronic journal Occasion: Interdisci-
plinary Studies in the Humanities. He is completing a book on narrative, ethics, and
globalization, The Deliverance of Others: Literature in a Global Age, forthcoming
from Duke University Press.
Bruce Robbins is the Old Dominion Foundation Professor in the Humanities at
Columbia University. His books include Upward Mobility and the Common Good
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